Sacred Spaces is a new reality TV series, where host and show creator Cary Weldy performs makeovers on the spaces and inhabitants he visits…but with a twist:
He also applies energy secrets to each space, resulting in the the transformation of people’s lives.

A seasoned interior designer and general contractor, HGTV personality Cary Weldy has created some of the most amazing homes and businesses in America, including a nightclub in Montana and the 7,000 square-foot penthouse in the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago. With his engineering degree and scientific approach, Cary has been studying the secrets of the masters for over 25 years, incorporating the hidden knowledge of da Vinci, Michelangelo, and other energy gurus into his work that harmonizes energy and supercharges a space.

In each episode of Sacred Spaces, Cary brings his renovation makeover talents together with the ancient wisdom of the masters of art, architecture, and energy, resulting in spaces that exude healing and nurturing energy. In his new TV series, Cary takes his show on the road, where he and his assistant Jenny Milkowski explore the challenges of people and their venues, exploring the energetic reasons behind their dilemmas. Viewers will learn valuable “Energy Tips” in each episode, as Cary unveils these hidden secrets in a fun and exciting way. Homes, businesses, a charity, a pet shelter, and even a sports team are transformed, when Cary performs an energy makeover that positively impacts their lives.

With syndicator/distributor Reid Davis of Entertainment Concepts International, and the multi-Emmy Award-winning team of Mike Torchia and David Moravec of Kinzie Street Studios, Cary Weldy and Om Productions, LLC present Sacred Spaces, the new makeover reality TV show that will thrill and entertain audiences.

The new TV series is targeted to launch in the fall season of 2012.

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