Bringing Energy to Reality.

Sacred Spaces is a new makeover reality TV show…but with a twist: Seasoned interior designer, general contractor, and HGTV personality Cary Weldy performs makeovers by transforming each space physically and energetically, resulting in happier, healthier, and energized people, homes, businesses.

With his scientific background and scientific approach, energy designer and host Cary Weldy now unveils the secret knowledge of the masters of art, architecture, and energy, including da Vinci and Michelangelo, that have been hidden for thousands of years, transforming lives in each episode. In Sacred Spaces, Cary and his assistant Jenny present informative and life-changing energy tips in a fun and entertaining way that will also thrill audiences.

Sacred Spaces takes the show on the road, where Cary transforms homes, businesses, a wedding, a pet shelter, and even a sports team in the first series, where people become reconnected to their dreams.

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